Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi everyone,

If anyone has taken time out of their day to read my blog that deserves major respect! Cause I've been an awful blogger and that's no surprise. Reading through all my old posts. 'Soz guys haven't been here sorry guys I've been busy'.(BS)

I need to keep on top of my blogs and who I am as a person. A lot has changed with me since I've lasted blogged or even updated you on my life.

Here,s a rundown of life.
1. I'm 9yr
2. I'm not that much of a fan of zoella
3. I had dominos last week!
4.I've changed a bit
5. I never told you before but I'm a Christian!

I cant lie and say I've had some real life changing events happen to me because I cant think of any great stories to tell about these past few months but maybe something will come up.

So firstly I wanted to say that the content of this blog is gonna change to more life/relatable stuff.
Secondly I will be doing weekly uploads here now on this blog. They should  go up on Fridays, mostly.

I'll also be talking about really controversial stuff as well and other topics for example;
The Us presidency
Social Media
Todays Society teens and stuff they do.

There a lot coming on this blog so watch out for that too.
Grace is outttttttttttttttttttttta

How she attempted to deny her feelings

The blurb:
Boys and love are for old people. Why should I have any interest in a young relationship? I mean what's the point. Like what the hell would we do anyways; Send ugly snap chats to each others , face time till 2 am and share earphones on the bus? I already do that with Hannah. A thirteen year old having a boyfriend is silly.

Well that's what Electra thinks. But when new boy Cameron moves into her road Electra can't help but fall for him - hard. In retaliation to her new found crush Electra tries a million ways to get rid of her new feelings. But how can you get rid of feelings that you can't even figure out yourself?

The discovery

When I get into my room I fling my school bag across the floor before sinking into my fluffy bean bag chair. Finally the weekend ,this has probably been the longest school week of my life. I fish my phone out from my pocket and click on Instagram  and start scrolling through my feed. I get a few snap chat notifs but I'm ignore them. As I'm half way through my feed I get another notification.

Cameron sent you a snap chat.

For some weird reason. I get a tingle of excitement and eagerly click on it to see what he sent me. Did I mention my heart beat skipped a bit when I received the notification? When I open the snap I see a picture of Cameron eating a burger with the caption :Jealous and a smug emoji. I  can't help but feel my heart melt a bit as I  take a screenshot. As I think about what to reply I freeze.

Excitement. Hearted skipped a beat! Heart melt! No! No! Nooooooooooo! I drop my phone in despair and  internally groan. This is the 10th time this happened to me. Getting hyped when someone snap chats you is a definite sign of having a crush on someone!
I'm getting dramatic over nothing. If I had a crush on Cameron I would be reading romance novels and I would have a 'crushing on you' playlist and I'd be watching loads of crush type videos on YouTube ...

Shit shit shitty Shit

I have a crush. on Cameron.

My Mission: End It

Hey guys your probably wondering what the hell is this.... Well I started a wattpad series and ill be posting it soon! Just doing some shameless self promo you guys should totally follow my wattpad because that will be coming out soon! I'm @zoella4eva